Kenny Higdon - senior femaleIt is challenging to watch those you love losing their spirit and personality to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. One of the most difficult parts of the journey is witnessing your loved one lose their independence.

Memory loss, repetition, language problems, odd behavior, personality changes, disorientation, confusion and a lack of hygiene can all be early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. When loved ones began to experience these warning signs, make an appointment with the doctor for an overall evaluation.

“The senior suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia mostly remembers the past and won’t remember current things such as when it’s time to take a bath, clean the house or even eat. We at 5 Star Home Care are not only there to remind them it’s time to do these things, but we also assist them to perform these essential tasks,” owner Kenny Higdon states.

5 Star Home Care provides companion care and sitting services to help seniors maintain their independence and remain in their homes. We also work with individuals struggling with memory loss to improve their cognitive function. Rather than removing your loved one from the familiarity of home and transitioning them to an assisted living community, you can bring the care to them.

It can be overwhelming for family members to assume care for their loved ones while balancing the commitments of their own lives. Our caregivers are trained to communicate and assist seniors in a gentle and encouraging manner.

Assistance with 5 Star Home Care is provided is a scheduled manner by caregivers that have specialized training treating those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Higdon said it’s tragic and painful to watch minor forgetfulness gradually morph into severe impairment, but 5 Star Home Care exists to help seniors stay in a familiar environment as long as possible.