Art Therapy in Alzheimer’s Patients

The difficulty for families suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is often coping with the belief that a loved one has changed, along with their ability to communicate effectively. While it may seem as if your loved one is lost, research suggests there are creative... read more

How to Help with Seniors with Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Keeping on track of everyday life can be difficult for anyone at times, but even the most basic tasks are the greatest challenge for seniors lost in the haze of dementia. Kenny Higdon, Owner of 5 Star Home Care, revealed his tips on how to help seniors with early... read more

Art & Music Therapy May Help Alzheimer’s Patients

5 Star Home Care understands how difficult it is to watch a loved one suffer from dementia, as it can gradually diminish their ability to communicate, to recognize family and friends, and to take care of themselves and their daily needs. Research has suggested using... read more

Approaches to Prevent Seniors from Falling

Approaches to Prevent Seniors from Falling Many seniors and their family members worry about falls, and there is good reason for it, according to 5 Star Home Care Owner, Kenny Hidgon. It is estimated by the Center for Disease Control that 1 in 3 seniors falls at least... read more

10 Ways to Help Someone with COPD

Watching a family member suffer with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is not an easy thing to do. However, seniors living with COPD can greatly benefit from having a caregiver who is knowledgeable about the disease and how to treat it. 5 Star Home Care’s... read more

“Treating Your Family Like Our Own” – Kenny Higdon

“We care for your family like they are one of our own,” Kenny Higdon, president of 5 Star Home Care said. The company takes pride in their caregivers. They hold their staff to the highest standards and ensure the best relationship between client and caregiver by... read more

Bridging the Gap of Aging

Though it is part of life, aging can be difficult on all members of the family. Difficulty with daily tasks, withdrawing from loved ones and forgetfulness can all be signs of aging. It can be difficult to see our family members and loved ones decline and lose their... read more

Individualized Care to Meet Your Needs

Kenny Higdon and 5 Star Home Care meet the needs of the senior community by going the extra mile in providing at home service. They have developed an a-la-carte menu of services to meet the home care assistance needs. Unlike many other companies, 5 Star Home Care... read more

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