Kenny Higdon - elderly man“We care for your family like they are one of our own,” Kenny Higdon, president of 5 Star Home Care said. The company takes pride in their caregivers. They hold their staff to the highest standards and ensure the best relationship between client and caregiver by selectively matching.

The selection process for caregivers starts with 2 interviews and is followed by an extensive national background check. The process checks the sex offender registry, abuse registry and meth registry. Applicants must pass a 10 panel drug test when hired and are subject to random drug tests throughout their employment. Additionally, 5 Star Home Care completes an employment assessment consisting of strengths, weaknesses and basic personality information.

“There is a fine art to what we do matching caregivers and clients,” Higdon said. “Matching personalities is a key part of it.” Higdon added that with more than 100 employees, 5 Star’s selection makes it possible for the company to find a caregiver that is the best fit for each client and their needs. Above all, the professionals at 5 Star Home Care agree that continuity and valuing people are key to making clients and caregivers happy.

“We want to be sure clients have the same caregivers each week and that we are treating [clients] like our own family,” Higdon said. “You are trusting 5 Star with your loved one, and we take that seriously.” To prove that point, 5 Star conducts monthly quality assurance checks for both caregivers and clients by revisiting each of them to see how the relationship is working to be sure everyone is still happy with the arrangement. If any changes need to be made, the company works to make the necessary tweaks and keep everything in working order.